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Our Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage is a manual therapy treatment. It is effective for loosening tight fascia tissues, relieving body aches/pains, improving indigestion and blood circulation, reducing stress, rejuvenating as well as mood uplifting.

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How it began

Many people asked me this question “How did you become a therapist?” Interesting – it all began on one fateful evening where I had dinner with my peers. It had been an eventful week at work and we were so looking forward to dinner that night.

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Client Testimonials

What People Are Saying

– Shasha Malik –

After two months of pushing around my husband on a wheelchair, managing my 9-month-old baby and my home renovation, the stress have taken a toll on my body. I had a radiating back pain that needed immediate attention. I couldn’t leave home for a massage so I needed one done at my home.

Firstly, I need to commend on the great customer service from Sarah. I shared with Sarah my predicament and asked if I could get the last slot for the day. Within 20mins, she secured a slot for me in the next 2 hours!
I learnt from Sasha that the appointment before mine was supposed to be the last but Sarah pushed for me.
From the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU, Sarah for your kindness and understanding. It is amazing that even through Whatsapp, you can relate to your clients and do wonders!

No words can describe how grateful I am having met Sasha. Sasha’s service is first class! If SIA has an in-flight massage, she should be the lead masseur.
Sasha knows very well what she is doing to the body. I am truly impressed by her knowledge and passion in bodyworks. She cared to explain throughout the massage which allowed me to appreciate every technique applied to my body.

Honestly, in Singapore, Sasha’s techniques are unique. The bodyworks session was effective. It has been a month since my session and till today, the radiating pain down my back never returned. I was having a slight tailbone pain from my delivery in August 2022, but since her massage and until today, I never felt it. I don’t mean to oversell here, but I feel that bodyworks are more effective than my post-natal massages.
The session kept me slightly active but ended in the most zen mode that no words can describe. The session did not end abruptly, nor dragged on for too long. It was just…perfect.

Sasha and I talked after the session and I must say, she is truly a beautiful person. My session did not only heal me physically but it also calmed me, mentally.

Thank you Sasha for your time and investing so much in what you do. Sincerely, I believe your business will bloom with your good ethics, passion and sincerity in all that you do. I wish you and your team the very best!

– Aisha Angullia –

Ms Sasha released my 20-year old whiplash knot that I obtained from a car accident overseas in the 2nd session. I wasn’t expecting that, but her knowledge and experience knew exactly what needed to be done. I actually booked a session for my lower body. This is a clear testament to Ms Sasha’s sincerity toward helping her clients achieve a better and healthier state. 100% recommend.

– Wannie Michelmann –

Absolutely delightful service and educational with Sasha who evidently LOVES her job! She does an incredible neck massage. Her skills and methods were nothing I’d encountered before and I did many massages in my life. Sasha definitely knows the human anatomy and the sciences behind it all. Looking forward to re-engage her!

– Anand Iyer –

I was searching for a good massage and came across the link to Earth Body. It was my first home massage session and I was aprehensive. All of this changed when Sasha arrived and my study was turned to a spa like experience.
As my masseur, she has incredibly soft hands which hide the strength with which she was able to maneuver me around (i am on the heavier side). All in all, when i woke up, I felt great.
Sasha made note of the aches and pains I had and came up with specific stretches to release those.
I have booked my next sessions and would highly recommend this experience.
Thanks to team Earth Body.

– Melissa Chia –

Tried Earth Body home massage for the first time. Their service far exceed expectation. Not only was my Therapist, Sasha’s skill superb, she converts my room into a little spa with massage bed, nicely folded linens, scented the room and played music to set the mood! Highly recommended. I’ve booked my second session the minute Sasha walks out of my place

– Jo Nette –

Had 90 mins body massage and after the session I feel great. Thanks to Sasha for putting effort on the areas that needs attention. Overall the service is excellent, it is having spa experience in the convenience at your home and the price is reasonable. Highly recommended

– Gen Ng –

I did Regain + Scrub with Sasha and I was very pleased with the experience. My skin felt really smooth and smells good after the scrub. For someone who usually have trouble sleeping well at night, I could feel my body relaxing after a full body massage, she was precise and hit the right areas that need more attention. I would totally recommend Earth Body! Thank you Sasha!

– Yi Ling –

Had a 2hrs regain massage and the therapist was skillfull and polite. My first time being offered a powder bath after the massage as it is not advisable to shower immediately. Vry thoughful of her. For a home massage service with full set up, it was a value for money and the experience was wonderful. Definitely recommend Earth Body!

– Co-O’Soo Seng –

I had the 60 mins Regain full body with oil massage. I must say that it was very good and I feel totally relaxed. Not only that, Sasha is a nice, down to earth person. I truly enjoyed the service and her company. I totally recommend Earth Body

– Aubrey Middlebrook –

First time to try Earth Body’s home massage service and I was really impressed.
It was like our room was transformed into a spa as the therapist brought the portable bed, linens, aromatherapy and music. Had the 90-minute session with Sasha and I really felt so much better after. She covered every stress point in my body and helped ease them. Slept like a baby. I would surely book again.
Highly recommended! Thank you Sasha!

Our Services

Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage

Our Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage is self curated techniques. A treatment which is effective for relaxing tight muscles, improving blood circulation, reducing stress, refreshing and rejuvenating. We provide 90/120/150 mins massage service by a certified therapist, full massage set up (portable massage bed, linens, aromatherapy massage oil, disposable shower cap and underwear, soothing music). A spa-like service at the comfort of your own home.


Signature Glowy Scrub (add-on – $75)

For the glowy, radiant skin to go with the casual dress code, living in a summer country




Signature Regain Myofascial Release Massage

90 mins
($250 inclusive of transport for central locations only)

120 mins
($300 inclusive of transport for central locations only)

150 mins
($350 inclusive of transport for central locations only)


Mondays – Sundays / 1:30pm (first) – 8:00pm (last)
In order to secure the booking, it’s a protocol that payment is to be made via PayNow to Earth Body at 92391925


Frequently Asked Question

Our therapists are fully vaccinated and done with test

No, if booking has already been confirmed, please contact us for rescheduling

Please do not book if you are feeling unwell. If booking has already been made, please contact us for a reschedule.

Please let us know 24 hrs in advance for rescheduling

For any further queries please reach us via whatsapp (9239 1925) or email

Sorry we do not do couple bookings at the moment

We need a sturdy & firm table as this will otherwise affect the performance of the therapist.

Table is 180cm length x 90 width

No, we do not go to hotel rooms